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A social network to prevent and reduce headaches, shoulder and neck pain

This initiative follows two studies of more than 2,300 local Government employees, were a reduction of almost 40 per cent of headaches, shoulder and neck pain and pain killer usage was obtained.
The social network is the logical expansion of the previous initiatives and has a potentially unlimited scope. Everybody in the world has free access to the same program that has already proven to be successful in a great number of individuals. It is possible to watch demonstration videos and to download material with pertinent text and illustrations. The network is constantly updated with new information and initiatives.
Moreover, visitors may interact with the network , describe their problem, ask questions, exchange information and tell, if they wish, their own life experiences. In a reserved section clinicians may look at the material provided, express their opinions, participate in debates and present their own clinical and research data. They also have access to the accumulated educational and scientific material that is regularly updated to the site.
To access the social network one can visit or or

It is hoped that this initiative may represents a step-forward in the daily struggle for the prevention and abatement of headache and cervical pain.


Prof. Franco Mongini

Dott.ssa Chantal Milani

Dott.ssa Manuela Banzatti

Dott. Luca Ferrero

Dott. Alessandro Ugolini